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Destination Wedding

Choose an exciting destination for your wedding

When you think about it, why wouldn't you want to be wed in a tropical paradise, a historic European castle or aboard a Caribbean cruise ship? It sounds fabulous, glamorous and a whole lot more thrilling than planning a wedding at home. That's why more and more modern couples are choosing destination weddings.

There are a ton of reasons to marry away, not the least of which is that it's often a more affordable and less stressful option. Planning a wedding in your own backyard involves some serious thought; hopping on a plane to some fabulous locale with your nearest and dearest could turn out to be a lot easier! Two of the most popular locations for weddings away are in Las Vegas and on the beach.

Beach Weddings

If you're planning on tying the knot at an exotic beach destination then consider such places as Tahiti, Fiji and Jamaica. The weather is gorgeous, the people are friendly and the food is delicious. For those who would prefer to stay on American soil, a Hawaii wedding is the ideal choice. The landscape is like something out of a fairytale and the weather is nothing less than perfect.

When choosing a wedding gown for your beach wedding, don't go overboard. A simple dress made of a lightweight material is ideal for the beach. For bridesmaid's dresses think colorful floral prints and striking patterns. Polka dots and geometric prints are very trendy, along with embroidery and fabulous embellishments. Don't be afraid to be a little creative!

Consider using the flowers and ferns native to the beach location. Not only will this provide a coherent beach theme, but you'll also save the cost of ordering floral arrangements. Calla lilies, sunflowers, daisies and roses are all summer favorites. For a true beach theme, enhance the bouquets and boutonnieres with pearls, seashells and starfish decorations.

Las Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas isn't only for couples wanting to elope! Sure, you can get married on a whim by an Elvis impersonator or by the man in the drive-through window - but this isn't the only way to get hitched in Vegas. The city offers both elegant and fun themed destinations all in one easy location.

Hotel wedding resorts offer a large selection of wedding packages in varying price ranges. Whether you decide to express your love through a simple ceremony or an extravagant wedding affair, Vegas in-house wedding coordinators will take care of all the details, from the wedding flowers and food to the photographer and videographer. All you have to do is show up! Some of the best Vegas hotels and resorts include:

  • Bellagio - Luxurious wedding halls and rooms for a memorable event.
  • Caesars Palace - Forget the chapel, a palace is the place to get married!
  • The Venetian - This resort and casino offers the stunning Rialto Bridge in San Marco Square as a beautiful wedding location.
  • Mandalay Bay - The Vegas destination for a tropical-themed ceremony.

Las Vegas also offers a variety of elegant and romantic wedding chapels that specialize in both themed and traditional ceremonies. Many Las Vegas wedding chapels will even take care of the details for you, including a wedding coordinator, limousine, photography, flowers, receptions, dressing rooms and outdoor ceremonies - all at fair prices. Some of the best themed chapels the city boasts include:

  • The Princess Wedding Chapel - Your destination for a fairytale dream wedding.
  • Little Church of the West - Las Vegas' original wedding chapel.
  • Bel Ami Wedding Chapel - A luxurious, elegant chapel with picturesque grounds for an outdoor ceremony.
  • Wedding Bells Chapel - Located in the heart of Vegas, you can get married in the church or outside in the serene garden gazebo.
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