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How to choose your main men's wedding attire

There's nothing sexier than a man in a great suit, tuxedo or other type of well-coordinated formalwear. Whether your attire vision includes the groom and his men in tuxes and tails or khakis and jackets, the options for men aren't as limited as you might think! Read on to get the basics on formalwear for your manly crowd.

Wedding Tuxedos and Informal Alternatives

You'll definitely want to get your fashion grooves in synch when it comes to dressing the men in your wedding party. Get your groom's style worked out before you try to get the rest of the guys to fall in line - you'll want everyone to look great together, but let the groom stand out on his own just a bit. Make sure the suits, tuxedos or pants and jackets work well with the bridesmaids' dresses, the overall tone of the wedding and of course your groom's wedding getup.

In terms of wedding formalwear, traditional tuxedos with coordinating cummerbunds or vests are the way to go. Match up cummerbund or vest hues with bridesmaid dress colors for a unified wedding party look.

However, tuxedos aren't the only men's wedding wear out there! Rather than going with tuxedo rentals, consider buying dapper suits for the groom and his men. For a formalwear twist, choose an au courant suit and tie with coordinating pocket square, instead of the traditional tux. A blazer and khakis with a matching tie is another fabulous look, although not appropriate for a formal wedding.

Tuxedo Accessories

Tuxedos can be accessorized with more than just traditional bow ties; tuxes paired with long ties are popping up in more and more weddings. Formalwear touches like coordinating tuxedo vests rather than cummerbunds are also adding more style to men's wedding fashion. Check out modern wedding wear options like three-button jackets, unpleated tuxedo shirts and traditional-cum-modern cravats for more stylish ideas.

Get groomsmen synchronized with accessories from ties and pocket squares to socks and vests. And don't forget to add to all that masculine formalwear by giving a great accessory as a groomsman gift. It doesn't have to be just for the wedding - personalized cufflinks and tie pins make great gifts for men who don business suits on weekdays.

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