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Wedding Accessories

From bridal shoes to wedding veils

What better way to top off your perfect wedding day ensemble than with the ideal accessories? After spending days and months planning and shopping for everything from your wedding dress to the wedding cake, you can finally get down to the finer details. Your wedding accessories will add sparkle and detail to your dress, and finish your look from head to toe.

Wedding Veil

Think the fingertip and the elbow are simply parts of the body? Think again: they're actually just a couple of the many types of veils available. With questionable names like these, selecting the best veil for your wedding gown and face shape can be a little trickier than most brides anticipate. Here's a breakdown on the most popular bridal veil styles:

  • The Fingertip - A great veil for ball gowns and fuller skirts, the fingertip veils style extends to - yup - your fingertips.
  • The Elbow - Suited to simpler styles and sheath-like dresses, this 25-inch style extends to the elbow area.
  • The Blusher - A shorter, single-layered veil, the blusher is worn over the face for the ceremony then flipped back or removed entirely for the wedding reception.
  • The Chapel - Meant mainly for a very formal wedding, this veil reaches to the floor. Worn in combination with a blusher and a sweeping train, the chapel-style bridal veil offers formal wedding and reception drama.
  • The Flyaway - The flyaway bridal veil is a less formal layered look that comes just to the shoulders. Great for almost any style of gown, this is a favored style among many modern brides.

Wedding Tiara

Like the veil, a crowning glory of your wedding day style will be the headpiece or bridal tiara you choose to top off your bridal ensemble. Finding style that will flatter your wedding dress and face shape can be tough. Consider these options before you lose your head trying to choose:

  • Comb - A headpiece with comb teeth to keep a veil in place. Can be beaded or adorned with wedding flowers or jewels, and is often used to top off an upswept hairstyle.
  • Tiara - A jeweled or beaded half-circle made to create a princess crown look. The bridal tiara can be simple silver or jewel-encrusted.
  • Crown - A full circle that sits on top of the head and is decorated with beads, gems and jewels.
  • Half Crown - A taller version of a tiara but smaller than a full crown; the half crown sits on top of the head as a half circle.

Bridal Jewelry

Finding the right bridal jewelry can prove difficult if you're not sure what to look for. Here is a brief outline of which necklace styles work best with different necklines:

  • Princess - A princess necklace will sit in the hollow of the neck and best complements a high or square neckline, as well as a strapless dress. For brides with shorter necks and lower dress necklines, this style can give the neck a longer look.
  • Chokers - Chokers wrap around the neck above the hollow of the throat, and are ideal for V-neck gowns, strapless and lower scooped necklines. Single strands of pearls, velvet pendant necklaces and cameos are all examples of the choker style.
  • Matinee Length - Matinee length necklaces are a popular bridal jewelry choice. This necklace style extends to the top of the bust and sits well with round necklines and some strapless looks.

Bridal Shoes

Even though most bridal gowns will cover the shoes, you'll want a good pair to help you stay on your toes all day and night. Wondering what to worry about when it comes to footwear? A savvy bride should consider style, fit, color and fabric to make sure she's putting her best wedding foot forward.

  • Be sure the fit is right. Never sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to your wedding shoes. Even though you might feel like you'll float through the day on a cloud of happiness, you'll need to be able to walk, stand and dance up a storm with your guests.
  • You'll definitely want your shoe and gown fabrics to match. Leather sandals or pumps with a satin gown simply will not do! Satin shoes are a versatile option for most brides, as satin matches silk and also works well with organza and tulle.
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