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Choose the perfect wedding cake design

As your guests gather around you with cameras in hand for the ceremonial cake cutting, what style of cake do you see as the main attraction? Something large, lavish and classic? Or maybe something small, simple and modern? Can't decide? Here are four suggestions to help make it easier to choose your all-important wedding cake:

  1. Collect pictures that inspire you - This is a fun, easy job that is bound to give you some perspective into the vast world of wedding cakes, while making your mouth water in the process! Simply leaf through a bunch of bridal magazines or browse the web to see what styles of cake catch your eye. Make a list of the qualities you like and don't like about each wedding cake design and detail, and don't be afraid to show your wedding caterer exact pictures of what you want.
  1. Consider your personal style and taste - If you're the classic type and like things done the conventional way, you'll probably opt for a traditional white, three to five-tiered wedding cake with support columns. These wedding cakes are ornate and elegant - perfect for the couple who wants a formal, by-the-book wedding. But if following convention has never been your way, switch things up by adding a personal touch. Experiment with different wedding cake shapes, use different colored tiers or choose a completely different dessert altogether. After all, whoever said you had to go with a typical cake? Instead you could try a tray full of cupcakes, each decorated by a different friend. You can be as personal, creative and outrageous as you want!
  2. Know your numbers - Your cake style will depend partly on the size of your guest list. If you've got 300 of your favorite friends and family rolling into your reception, chances are you'll need a large, multi-tiered cake. A small, round wedding cake just won't cut it!
  3. Think flavors - An advantage of multi-tiered cakes is that you can offer something different for everyone. Have chocolate ganache on one level, vanilla creme on another and strawberry truffle on the last. With wedding cakes, almost any style and any flavor combination goes!

Cake Toppers

Regardless of the flavors on the inside, it's the decorations on the outside of the cake that will live on, immortalized in your wedding photography. Choose colors and themes for your cake that coordinate with the style of your wedding. Wedding cake toppers these days come in such a range of styles, you are sure to find something that suits you perfectly. Options range from traditional bride-and-groom toppers to military or princess-themed couples, or choose something less obvious like monogrammed crystal ornaments or religious symbols. You might even choose to forego the cake topper altogether and opt instead for elaborate decorative icing or even fresh flowers to adorn your cake. 

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