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Wedding Flowers

Wedding bouquets and centerpieces for the big day

The careful selection and planning of your flowers is the key to setting the perfect mood for your wedding. The look, the scent, the colors and the style all draw from the many different flower-driven details that come into play. When a bride chooses the right wedding flowers for her wedding day, it shows - it creates that special wedding atmosphere that couples strive to achieve. From unique to elegant, classic to contemporary, the perfect floral look for her wedding is within every bride's reach.

Wedding Bouquets

On your wedding day, your most important accessory - besides your gorgeous groom of course - will be your bridal bouquet. You'll have it as you walk down the aisle, you'll have it in all your wedding pictures and you'll have it placed beautifully on your head table as you eat. Here are four things to consider when shopping for the perfect bouquet:

  1. Your Dress - If your wedding dress is extremely formal, you can be just as lavish with your flowers. If it's a simpler dress you're going with, stick with a bouquet that's equally subdued.
  2. Your Size - The smaller you are, the smaller your bouquet should be. You've paid a lot for your dress, so make sure people can see it!
  3. Your Budget - If money is tight, consider silk wedding flowers over real flowers. This trend is becoming more and more popular. The best part is, you'll be left with a bridal bouquet that'll last a lifetime!
  4. Your Personality - Some brides make their wedding bouquet priority number one, while others would just as well spend their money on something else. Only you know how lavish you want to go, and what style will suit your personality.

Wedding Centerpieces

This far into your wedding planning, you already know that no decision you make about your special day can be haphazard. You can't just pick any old wedding centerpieces for your reception; you need to choose ones that will tie in with the overall atmosphere. Read on for tips on keeping your style flow going:

  1. Color - Take a look at your reception venue. Are the walls and rugs a deep, dark red? If so, do yourself a favor and avoid bright pink for your centerpiece color. All your flowers and décor should complement each other - not have your guests wondering if you're color blind.
  2. Tone - Here, we're referring to the overall feel of your wedding. A high-class, formal wedding reception should not include helium balloon wedding centerpieces. And the same applies for a casual barbecue wedding. Going fancy with big candelabras in your parents' backyard reception might seem a bit off.
  3. Size - You'll want to choose a centerpiece that's proportionate to the size of your tables. If your table is small, go small with your flowers and décor. You don't want to overpower the table and make your guests feel squished. Likewise, don't place a teeny, tiny centerpiece in the middle of a 72 inch table. It will just get lost.

Your wedding flower arrangements are the most important element in setting the tone for your wedding, next to your wedding gown and the rest of the wedding party attire. Take the time to plan them carefully, and enlist the help of an experienced florist for advice and suggestions.

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