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Wedding Gift

With or without a gift registry

It's hard enough to choose something to wear to a wedding, never mind finding the perfect wedding gift to show your love and support to the newlyweds. And, let's be honest - as newlyweds, it can be hard to know what to do when you receive five toasters. A bridal registry can make the gift-giving process easy, convenient and enjoyable for wedding guests.

Making a Wedding Registry

Here's how to take the guesswork out of the gift registry process, for your guests and for yourselves, in just three simple steps:

  1. Make a list and check it twice. Sit down with your honey and make a list of the items you want and need. Think of the items that would make your life easier, add pizzazz to your entertaining or provide a lot of fun for the two of you. If you have the basics already but still want to register, choose specialty items that fit your lifestyle.
  2. Choose your store and register. Be sure to register for bridal shower and wedding gifts at least six months before the wedding to give guests lots of time to shop. Choose a couple of popular stores in which to register, and make sure they fit your style and carry a wide array of items on your list.
  3. Spread the word. Now you can let your guests know where you've registered. Remember, this information does not go in your wedding invitation! The best way to let guests know about your bridal registry is through word of mouth. Tell your close friends and family that your bridal registry is established and leave it up to them to spread the word.

Wedding Gift Ideas

Not sure what to register for? Or not sure what to buy for the newlywed couple? Here are some standard items, as well as a few unique wedding gift ideas:

  • Fine china is usually reserved for holiday festivities and very formal occasions. It comes in a variety of patterns to suit your lifestyle and tastes. It's typically sold in five-piece sets, including dinner plate, bread and butter plate, salad plate, teacup and saucer.
  • Casual china is used for entertaining, but is not as formal as fine china. It's sold in four-piece settings, including dinner plate, salad / bread plate, soup / cereal bowl and mug.
  • Stemware or fine glassware is typically crystal, and includes red and white wine glasses, champagne flutes, water goblets and iced beverage glasses. It is sold in sets of four, eight or twelve.
  • Flatware can be sterling, sterling-plated or stainless steel. It is usually sold in five-piece place settings including knife, fork, salad fork, soup spoon and teaspoon.
  • If you are shopping for an established couple who already has all of the basics, this can be a chance to commemorate their union. Look for a personalized wedding gift, such as a set of monogrammed towels or table linens. This is a beautiful tradition well worth reviving.
  • Think about the bridal couple's style. Do they love the outdoors, casual life and informal décor? Or are they a high-style team looking for luxury goods and designer accents? Then choose a unique wedding gift, whether it be a bicycle-built-for-two or goose-down-filled bedding, that reflects their common tastes.

Off the Registry

While the registry is meant to simplify the wedding gift-giving process, don't feel obligated to stick to the list. Some guests feel a registry gift detracts from the inherent surprise of gifts, and won't express their wedding well-wishes in a unique way.

Since the registry is generally a reflection of the wants and wishes of both the bride and groom, be sure to make your off-the-registry wedding gift something that the happy couple can enjoy.

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