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Wedding Invitations

From discount to custom wedding invitations

One of the first major expenses a bride and groom will run into when planning their wedding is undoubtedly their wedding invitations. Of course you want your wedding invitations to reflect your upcoming wedding day, and to be the first signal of the tone, style and individuality of your special celebration. But you can save on this important wedding expense without sacrificing good quality, style or individuality. With a little creativity, cheap wedding invitations needn't look cheap. Put that extra money where it really counts - splurging on your wedding gown and reception!

Tips for Saving on Wedding Stationery

  • Spread the word - Let your nearest and dearest know when you will be getting married before you purchase your invitations. This will give you a good idea of the number of people who will be able to attend, so you won't over-purchase invitations.
  • Do it yourself - Artistic brides and their crafty friends and family can make unique, elegant wedding invitations without too much fuss. Look around at your favorite wedding invitation styles and take note of the designs and materials; that way you can make a plan to reproduce the invitation style you like best. Invitation templates are available online, and craft, scrapbook and fabric shops will have the materials you need to do a great handmade job. Your invitations will be one-of-a-kind for a fraction of the cost of ordering handmade and custom wedding invitations from a stationer.
  • Single sheet invitations - A simple yet striking invitation speaks for itself. A classic one-page invitation on heavy paper with a stylish border will be an elegant treat for guests opening their envelopes. Be economical with your wedding invitation wording and stick to the basic facts. Save the non-essential details for your wedding program or wedding photo album, to keep costs down while maintaining appearances.
  • Shop around - Start looking for your invitations early and leave yourself lots of time to find a great deal on affordable wedding stationery. Off-season wedding months like winter and early spring bring great opportunities for diligent brides to find discount wedding invitations, discontinued lines and sale items. Check the Internet and bridal shops for even more sales.

Wedding Invitation Wording

Your wedding invitation wording will be one of the etiquette hurdles you'll meet early on in planning your wedding. Knowing how to word a formal wedding invitation can be tricky - even without some of the blended, extended and divorced family twists.

A common rule of thumb to follow is to consider the parties paying for the wedding as the hosts. If the bride and groom, their parents, one parent or all four remarried parents and their spouses are paying, all names should be listed as the hosts. The traditional phrase, "Mr. and Mrs. Ian Jones request the honor of your presence," indicates who is hosting the wedding. Today, any number of people can be the hosts or hostesses, and the final decision as to whose names appears on the invitation is up to the bride and groom.

Here are some other invitation wording tips to remember:

  • Always write out the parties' names in full, including middles names.
  • Spell out all words including the street or road, the year, the date and the hour. Write "seven o'clock," not "7pm." Write out the date in full: not "Dec. 17, '06," but rather "the seventeenth of December, two thousand and six."
  • Use Roman numerals in names instead of "the second" or "the 2nd."
  • Avoid writing "guest" on the invitation. Do your best to find out all of your guests' full names, and their guests' full names as well. If you are unsure of spelling, find out from your fiancé or someone in the know. It's okay to ask!
  • Gift and registry information never goes on a wedding invitation. Gift preferences should be kept to bridal shower invitations and spread through word of mouth.
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