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Tips for great wedding photography

Years from now, there will be nothing better than looking back on all the beautiful pictures and video from your wedding day. Here are four tips that will make them all picture perfect:

  1. Make comfort a priority. Your wedding photographer will be with you for a large part of your big day, so it's crucial that you feel comfortable around him. Before your wedding, sit down with your photographer and explain what type of shots you want and how creative you'd like to be. This will ensure that you're both on the same page, and that you won't feel so shy or awkward when posing for pictures. The picture taking process should be painless and fun. After all, your hair and makeup will be done to perfection, your wedding dress will be beautiful and you will look stunning! Enjoy every minute of it.
  1. Leave lots of time. You could be the most organized, detail-oriented bride in the world, but schedules don't always run as planned. On your wedding day, don't be surprised if things take more time than you thought - the wedding photography being one of them. That's why it's so important to leave an adequate space between your ceremony and reception. Consider the size of your wedding party as well - the more bridesmaids and groomsmen you have, the longer it will take to get all the "mandatory" pictures in. And will your reception be held far away from the ceremony? Make sure you take this into account. Bottom line: Don't expect to get all your pictures done in just a half an hour!
  2. Be ready. If you want your wedding photographer to shoot pre-ceremony shots, such as at the salon, getting dressed, getting into the limo and on your way to the church, make sure you and your bridal party are ready when he shows up. If you'd like to feature your bridal bouquet in these pictures, ensure that your wedding flowers will arrive on time. You'll also want to make sure your limousine is booked for enough time to allow for things to run a little late - they often do.
  3. Know your back-up plan. Of course rain is the last thing you want on your wedding day, but don't assume it won't happen. Have a back-up plan for your wedding photos just in case, and make sure your alternate location is available.

Your Wedding Album

After the ceremony, you're still going to be faced with a few major wedding chores. One is writing thank-you notes, and another is selecting wedding pictures from the photographer's proofs. Some of these will be blown up and framed for your wall or as gifts. But the biggest job will be selecting and organizing pictures for your wedding album.

It's up to you to choose your favorite shots, but many photographers will include a photo album service, for a fee. You'll get professionally mounted photos, artistically presented in a keepsake album you'll treasure forever.

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