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Finding the right wedding rings requires more than simply picking out a couple of good-looking bands. You and your groom will need to consider several factors when approaching the purchase of the rings you'll don for years to come. Here are several ways to ensure you'll get the best out of your wedding band shopping:

  • Style - Your wedding band style depends on what makes you most comfortable and fits with your lifestyle. If a wedding band doesn't feel right on your finger, or you know you'll be removing it regularly, it's likely not a good choice for such a long-term piece of jewelry. Active people who enjoy sports, gardening and working with their hands will want to consider a slimmer band and a comfort fit with rounded edges. Keep styles simple if you work with your hands, especially when it comes to engravings and inset stones; these features can trap dirt and require constant cleaning.
  • Metal - Which type of metal do you see yourself wearing over time? Would you prefer to wear silver, gold, platinum or titanium? Perhaps a woven band of white and yellow gold might suit you best. If you have allergies to silver or gold, consider going with a platinum wedding ring as a hypoallergenic alternative. A titanium wedding ring is another good option for sensitive skin, and its darker color makes it a good manly man wedding ring style.
  • Stones - We typically think of gemstones in connection with engagement rings, but diamond wedding rings are an increasingly popular style. Having stones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds inset into your wedding band can be a pretty detail that you'll hold dear over the years.

Wedding Ring Sets

A wedding ring set has either a matching engagement ring and wedding band for her or matching his and hers wedding bands. Some sets even come with dual his and hers wedding bands as well as an engagement ring. Going with a set of two or three rings is typically gives that unified wedding ring look, and it is also a great way to save some extra wedding money.

  • Wedding and engagement ring sets - For women who want unity in their ring design, the wedding and engagement ring set is ideal. Typically, the engagement and wedding ring will be designed so that the two rings fit snugly together on the bride's finger. A good example of the wedding and engagement ring set is the solitaire engagement ring and the diamond wedding band.
  • His and hers wedding ring sets - Many couples choose to purchase his and hers wedding ring sets. Sets for the bride and groom are typically matching wedding bands in the same design and metal. Generally, the bride's ring will be thinner while the groom's band will be thicker. Many couples choose to get creative by adding diamonds, gemstones, engraving and patterns to the ring. As long as the couple agree to the same style elements, finding a great wedding ring set shouldn't be too difficult.

Finally, be sure to take your time choosing your wedding rings. Go shopping several times, try on different styles, and sleep on it before making a decision. You will be wearing this ring every day for the rest of your life, and you want it to make you as happy as the relationship it represents.

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