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Kids' Birthday Party Entertainment

Don't kid yourself: planning a kid's birthday party is a whole lot of work. Fortunately, if it's planned successfully, your effort will pay off with a whole lot of fun, too, for you as well as the kids, and with the huge smile you'll get to see on your son or daughter's face as they enjoy their special day.

The key to a well-executed children's party is structure -- if you ensure that the afternoon is filled with lots to see and do, then you can bet that the party will be a triumph.

Hiring a Kids' Entertainer

There are two classic types of entertainers that are always a big hit at kids' birthday parties: the clown and the magician. Before hiring either type of entertainer, though, meet with him or her in person and get a demo performance so that you can see if it is interesting and meets your definition of kid-friendly. Some clowns and magicians for kids' parties are corporate entertainers at adult functions as well, and you want to hire a trustworthy professional who clearly knows the difference.

Outdoor Birthday Party Entertainment

If your attitude toward planning your child's outdoor birthday party is "go big or go home," then there are lots of "wow factors" you can include that are bound to impress every little party guest. Some of the most popular extra-special party elements are:

  • Bouncy castle. An excellent way to inspire bouts of uncontrollable giggling, bouncy castles are available in many different sizes and kid-capacities, so choose the one you rent according to your expected turnout.
  • Petting zoo. Cute kids and cute animals -- it's a perfect match. Make a point of researching the petting zoo company to ensure it adheres to humane practices, and meet with someone beforehand who will be overseeing the animals at the party to discuss any questions or concerns you have.
  • Pinata. Pinatas are a huge amount of fun. Just make sure to firmly hang the pinata away from anything that could get broken with a wild swing -- far out on a large tree branch is an ideal spot -- and that you or another adult is carefully supervising its destruction the entire time.
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