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Host a fun party with a karaoke machine

Karaoke has become a cultural phenomenon because it's so much fun. It's a terrific activity for birthday, anniversary or retirement parties, and even for your company's corporate Christmas party. Karaoke is always guaranteed to entertain and provide some laughs, and it also might just let you glimpse a genuine talent in a friend, family member or colleague that you never knew was there.

However, you don't need to wait for a special occasion to have a good time with a karaoke machine -- you can just host a karaoke party.

Encouraging Karaoke Music Participation

Karaoke is only a fun party feature if people are getting up there and using it. Serving mixed drinks and other libations at your party, of course, will relax your guests and bring out the courageous performer in some of them, but as the gracious party host, there are certainly other ways you can encourage everyone to make the most of the karaoke machine.

First, prominently display the karaoke CDs and playlists to stimulate your guests' interest in all the available songs they could be singing.

Second, set the example by performing a couple of numbers yourself. If you're a good singer, try to pick at least one comical song so that your guests aren't intimidated to follow your act.

Finally, apply the rule of safety in numbers by inviting certain of your guests to come up in groups and sing a song together. Many people who are too nervous to get in front of a crowd on their own are willing to do so, with a little gentle prodding, if they will be standing beside others who are sharing in the same silliness.

Renting vs. Buying a Karaoke Player

For most people, it is makes much more economical sense to rent rather than buy a karaoke machine because they use one only once in a long while.

However, for karaoke enthusiasts who want to make karaoke a staple of their frequent entertaining, or maybe even use their machine to entertain themselves on otherwise quiet nights at home, investing in their very own player might be the better plan.

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