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Hire a corporate magician for your next event

Corporate magicians can often be found giving performances at company events such as fairs and holiday or retirement parties. But savvy companies and organizers of corporate events will also employ entertainers like magicians for occasions like business conferences because they recognize that, for many of the employees attending, a business conference is not just an opportunity for professional development -- it's a weekend away.

Magicians who offer their services for corporate events have tailored their acts for an adult audience. Comedy magicians combine their sleight of hand or other tricks with humor because they understand that what they are likely offering their audience is a bit of levity to break up an otherwise dry and boring day of business seminars and leadership training.

Sharing the experience of watching company-provided entertainment like a magician can also serve as the grounds for breaking the ice between colleagues who don't otherwise converse outside of work, or who aren't accustomed to conversing with one another about anything besides work.

Birthday Party Magicians for Kids

A birthday magician can help make your child's birthday party truly one to remember. Before hiring a magician, you should insist on meeting face-to-face and getting a small demonstration of the magic act to confirm that it's age-appropriate and the kind of high-energy, highly visual quality entertainment you had in mind for your child and their friends.

Find out things such as: Can the magician make things appear and disappear? Does he actually pull a rabbit out of a hat? Will he saw someone in two? (Veto that one if you feel your child or any of the children at the party might be too young to understand that it's just a trick.) Does he use any fun light or sound effects that the kids will think are impressive and cool?

Also, ask whether the magician usually involves volunteers from the audience to execute any of his tricks, and if not (and if your child's not too shy), request that he have the birthday boy or girl participate directly, so he or she will have a memorable interactive experience.

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