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Kid, teen and adult party games

Young or old, party guests can have a fabulous time at a party if you provide them with the right party games.

For kids' parties, you can't go wrong with classic kids' party games like musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey, but since those games have only one winner, you might also want to plan to have a game or two over the course of the afternoon that is non-competitive or in which everyone gets to win, just to ensure that no kid feels left out.

For example, instead of wrapping up one hot potato gift at the center of many layers of paper, wrap a little trinket into each layer so that every time the music stops, the unwrapper gets a little something and then removes himself or herself from the game.

Teen Party Games

If you're wracking your brain trying to plan a good party for a young teen or pre-teen, the two most important things to remember when providing them with party games are 1) young people in this age group are very defensive about being treated like kids or "babies," and 2) they are very self-conscious and insecure. Games that a few years ago would have delighted them, they now turn their noses up at because they feel they're too old to play them or, more likely, they're embarrassed to play them, especially in front of their friends.

However, while they may complain about options offered, if there's nothing to do, then they'll complain that they're bored. So with teens, keep it simple and structured. Give them board games and let them choose. Or take them to a mini-putt course, bowling alley or climbing wall for more active fun. And of course, if it's a birthday party, get feedback from your guest of honor before finalizing any plans.

Adult Party Games

Team-oriented party games for adults are a great way to encourage socialization and get the maximum number of guests involved. Charades is still a party-game go-to because it's so entertaining, and wine and charades make for a lovely evening. If you don't want to take the time to make up the clues or to have your guests do it, you can use an online charades-clue generator.

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