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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt lists for young and old

Scavenger hunts for kids usually combine running around with the thrills of discovery and competition, so most kids love them, whether they are hunting for items in the backyard at a birthday party or in the house on a rainy weekend afternoon.

Kids' scavenger hunts can also be an educational tool. Asking them to find simple outdoor items like a "maple leaf" or "wildflower" can provide an opportunity to teach them about nature. Similarly, a list of general descriptions of items rather than the names of specific items can reinforce numbers, colors and shapes for younger kids -- ask them for "two, square, red" things rather than "a building block." For kids who are too young to read, a scavenger list of symbols (you draw two red squares on the page and give it to them, for example) works perfectly.

Other creative ideas for a scavenger hunt for kids include dressing up like pirates and making it a treasure hunt, or using the items you've collected for a craft project.

Adult Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger hunts can be a blast for adults as well, and they can also serve the purpose of creating a social icebreaker. For example, wedding guests sometimes find scavenger hunt lists at their reception tables during the cocktail hour or when they are seated for the reception dinner, with a prize promised to the table that can collectively find the most items.

The list should be filled with things that someone attending a wedding is likely to have with them, either because they are wearing it or because they are carrying it in their jacket or purse. Scavenger hunt games like this give people who don't know each other a common starting point for conversation and, as they work together, a sense of comradery.

Sometimes the scavenger hunt is created for the guest of honor to complete, rather than the guests, such as a scavenger hunt challenge for the bride-to-be at a bachelorette party "out on the town." A scavenger hunt is among the most popular of bachelorette party games, and usually some of the scavenger hunt items aren't actually items at all, but people and pieces of information: "Find someone with the same birthday as you," or "Find someone from out of town and write down where they're from," and so on.

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