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Mixed Drinks

Great ways to serve alcoholic drinks at your party

Along with beer and wine, mixed drinks are standard beverage offerings at any good party. If your party is an informal get-together of a group of friends, a buffet-style bar will do just fine. That's not to say your goal is to encourage everyone to have "all they can drink"; rather, it's to provide them with the opportunity to serve themselves by picking and choosing what they like best. Provide a generous spread of spirits, soda, fruit juice, ice and garnishes like lemons, limes and cherries, and there's certain to be something for everyone.

On the other hand, for a feel of classy formality at your party, you can hire a bartending service to take care of the mixing and serving of alcoholic drinks.

Confirm whether gratuity is included in the cost of the service, or whether your guests are expected to tip their bartender and/or server. It's an uncomfortable situation for guests when they are unsure if they should be tipping or not, and no one wants to feel awkward at a party. The best drink service companies are those which make their tipping policy clear not only to you but to those they are serving at the event, either by subtly displaying a glass on the bar for gratuities, or by ensuring that their staff gently insist that gratuity is included the first time a guest tries to leave them a tip.

Signature Mixed Drink Recipes

One of the most fun elements of serving mixed drinks at a party is that it provides you with the opportunity to custom-design a drink to better celebrate an occasion and make it all the more memorable.

Examples of signature drink elements themed to the guest(s) of honor:

  • for a September birthday party, a cocktail colored with Blue Curacao for the birthday boy or girl's sapphire birthstone
  • for an anniversary party, a sangria made with wine from the country in which the couple took their honeymoon

Example of signature drink elements themed to the season, holiday or event:

  • for a Christmas party, a cocktail with white chocolate and crème de menthe liqueurs, with a "snowy" sugar-rimmed glass
  • for a summer party, a by-the-glass vodka punch with pink lemonade and fresh fruit, garnished with edible flowers
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