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Beach Party

Life's a beach with a summertime theme!

Beach parties are a wonderful way to remind ourselves of the lovely summer heat, endless swimming and the wonderful relaxation of a summer's day. Sometimes a trip to the beach is a five-minute walk, other times it is a two-hour drive on a Saturday. Either way, you can make a great event of a beach party with your friends.

Aside from the swimming part of a beach party, you can also have games as part of the entertainment. A classic beach party game is beach volleyball -- all you need is a net, a beach ball and enough friends to make up a couple of teams. Another great beach party idea is have a picnic. Bring some paper plates and cups, ask everyone to bring a food to share, or even have everyone contribute food to barbeque on the beach.

Beach Partying Indoors

For those who want the feeling of a beach party in the middle of winter, or even on a rainy day, there are still endless beach party ideas you can rely on to pull off that beach feeling in your home. For your beach party decorations, get a couple of beach balls, some leafy plants or even blow up palm trees, and a kid's wading pool to help start that beachy feeling for your guests. You can continue the theme to your beach party supplies by using paper plates with tropical fish or flamingos on them, or buy a suitably beach-like backdrop to hang in your basement or living room. If you have a clean, appropriate area in your house, you can also get a sandbox for the children to play in while the adults lounge on the "beach."

For beach party food, a barbeque would still work great, or a clambake if you can get a hold of some clams from your grocery store or your local fishmonger. Either way, ask the salesperson the best way to cook them at home so you know what you need to make your excellent indoor beach party complete.

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