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Cocktail Party

Create the perfect cocktail party

The classic cocktail party is about two things: the clothes and the drinks. Today, classic 1950s clothing is making a comeback, and cocktails from that era are also coming back into style. Make sure your bar is fully stocked with soda, ice, olives, glasses, juices, and liqueurs to help make great cocktails and invite your guests to sample the best in alcoholic creativity.

To bring your cocktail party ideas to the fore, try to think of creating a lounge-type layout in your party space. Put out small, high tables for people to chat around and rest drinks on. Create small chair or couch clusters to encourage people to chat to each other, but do not put chairs out straight along a wall -- no one chats or mingles, killing the point of the party.

The Right Invitations for a Cocktail Party

When you send out the cocktail party invitations, go for a classy look. Show that it is obviously about the mixed drinks, but make sure there is a style to the invites. Look for something a little art deco, or retro- themed. When you send out the invitations, make the dress code clear. Cocktail party attire typically means dark suits for men and shorter, playful dresses for ladies. This party style created the little black dress, and so a cocktail party is the perfect time to wear it. Overall the look should be dressy, but not formal.

As for the cocktail party food, finger foods and hors d'oeuvres are the best options. Cocktail parties are all about enjoying the classy drink in your hand and the snappy conversation with those around you, so a big sit down meal would defeat the purpose. The fun part of using finger foods is that it allows for a wider variety of tastes fro the whole room to try. If you want, you can use the food as a chance to experiment with some clever culinary ideas: have an ethnic theme to the food or use it as a chance to introduce a new food concept or dish you recently tasted or saw somewhere else.

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