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Corporate party planning starts now

Corporate party planning requires a different approach than you would take to planning an average party. Not only is there a corporate image to maintain, but the party could also involve many more people than a typical birthday party. But with some organization, a bit of help, and a lot of creativity, you can make your company's next big shindig the hit of the office.

Choosing a Theme for a Corporate Party

Corporate party ideas are somewhat limited compared to a normal Christmas or birthday party. Obviously, it must be appropriate to the occasion and to the company's standards. This may be especially important if your clients are invited to attend the party. The range of corporate party themes is large and can range from a medieval event to an African Safari theme to an "under the sea" soiree. Depending on where you are holding the party, see if the location comes with or has access to decorations to make your corporate party theme come alive.

Corporate Party Entertainment Will Set the Mood

Almost as important as the theme for your party is the entertainment. Whether it is for your company of 10 or 500, corporate party entertainment helps to get your guests involved in the party and can keep them around to enjoy the other festivities. You can hire musicians, caricature artists or even a local improv troupe to provide entertainment for the evening. Also, look into non-profit groups that provide different kinds of entertainment, such as a medieval troupe, or even look into some local talent to offer them a chance to shine.

The type of party you have will determine some of the corporate party games you play. If you are having a summer barbeque with friendly and familiar employees, you can play a game called "hat to head." One person starts with a hat on their head, and they must pass it to the next person in the circle without using their hands and without letting it hit the ground. For a more formal Christmas party, put numbers under people's chairs or plates, depending on the set up. If someone has the number, they can claim a prize.

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