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Dinner Party

Enjoying a great dinner party

When deciding to host a dinner party, the menu is almost as important as the guests coming to your party. The dinner party menu should reflect your setting for the night -- is it a casual get together with a pot of chili, or is this a more formal affair with multiple meal courses? Or are you going for something different, like a make-your-own-taco night with friends? Whatever the menu, make sure you set the right tone from the start.

Of course, the first place to set the tone is in the dinner party invitations. You can be casual and send an email invitation or even create an event listing for it using a social media website. Or you can buy invitations from a stationary or party store and mail them or hand deliver them to friends and family.

Liven Up Your Dinner Party

Games during a dinner party help to liven up the discussion and are a great way to break the ice between new groups of people. Some possible dinner party games are:

  • Phrase under your plate. Write down different phrases, such as "I've been to Mars," or "I loved a hog once," and put them under your guests dinner plates. Just before you serve dinner, tell your guests to read their phrases to themselves, then challenge them to use it casually during dinner conversation. You can have prizes for the one who uses their phrase in the most creative way, who uses it the most naturally, and other silly awards.
  • Name that Celebrity. Get one of your guests to say the name of any celebrity. The next person must say a different name that starts with the last letter of the name the previous person used. You could make a drinking game out of this one as well, demanding guests take a drink for every wrong name, re-used name, or for someone who speaks out of turn.
  • Murder mystery. A murder mystery dinner party always keeps guests guessing. See if you can get a friend who wasn't invited to the party to play the part of the dead guest, then get others to act as a detective, while another is appointed the murderer. Alternately, you can just put the "murderer" tag under a random guest's plate, making it more exciting.
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