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Kids Party

Kids party ideas galore!

There is nothing more exciting for a child than their birthday. Sure, Santa brings presents at Christmas, but a birthday is all about you! And who doesn't love that idea?

There are several excellent kids party ideas out there. Dollar stores, party supply stores, department stores, and online shops all have kids' party supplies ranging from Disney stories to military themes to the latest children's TV shows. Once you have picked your theme, you can choose the kids' party invitations at any grocery or stationary store, at an online shop or you can even design your own using your computer.

Invitations and Favors for Your Kids' Party

If you opt to go to a store to get your invitations, you may want to consider getting your kids' party favors at the same time, since they will often have them paired together in the store. Whistles, bags, bracelets and more can make great kids party favors -- just make sure you give them out at the end of the party so you don't have 20 kids all using their kazoos at the same time in your home!

Kids party games are almost a necessity to have a fun and relatively carefree day. There are classics that can go a long way at a party, or you can incorporate some new and creative ideas. Piñatas also make for a great game, and a rousing round of musical chairs can bring out some energy. But if you want to go beyond that, you can consider games that tie into your theme, such as a find-the-treasure game for a pirate party, or even use a conventional board to create something new and exciting for kids of all ages to play.

Once the kids have finished playing their games, food will become the main attraction. Aside from the cake, kids party food has to strike the delicate balance between tasty for the kids, easy for parents to make, and versatile to accommodate all guests and avoid all food allergies. Hot dogs and hamburgers are a great standby, but you can also try nachos, english muffin pizzas (make sure some of the parents help you out with this), or wraps cut up to look like sushi rolls.

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