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Pajama Party

Create great pajama party memories for your kids

Pajama parties are a perennial favorite of girls from childhood to their teens, but they can also be fun for adults! The best things about pajama parties is the playful nature, nostalgia and junk food involved, and those are things that any age group can appreciate.

The first pajama party for many girls involves running around your friend's house, eating cookies, barely sleeping through the night and then getting up to pancakes in the morning. Learn how to add to the fun with some great pajama party ideas.

Preparing for a Great Pajama Party

For parents who remember those days and want to re-create that magic for your children, consider some of the following slumber party ideas:

  • A movie marathon. For the younger kids, you can show Disney films, Christmas films like Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman or other age appropriate films. For older kids and teenagers, you can consider a marathon of slightly scary movies. Be careful with this idea though -- if they are too scary, the kids may never fall asleep!
  • Karaoke or a music show. Kids of any age love to put on a show, so why not let them? Give them some songs on their MP3 player, along with a stereo to play them through plus a microphone, and let them put on a show!
  • Games night. Pajama party games like Twister, scavenger hunts and hide-and-go-seek can be a great way to pass the time until you declare it bedtime.

There are more pajama party ideas to consider, such as having a backyard fire in the summer or a late-night snowball fight if you are hosting the party in the winter months.

One thing to look out for is for any children who may get homesick. Although they may love to be with their friends, homesickness can hit any kid at any time of night. Make sure you have mom and dad's number so your child's guest can call them up to talk with their parents. If they decide to go home, let him or her know you are happy they were there for how long they were there, and you hope to see them again soon. Also make sure you own child understands that their friend went home because they wanted to and it was nothing they did wrong.

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