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Poker Party

Gamble on a great poker party!

Casino and poker parties are a great way to get your friends together on a Friday night or to raise money for a good cause in your neighborhood. Whatever the reason, everyone likes to raise the stakes every now and again!

If you're going for a casual poker party with the guys, some beer, and a deck of cards, you can use online invitations to invite the gang to your house. Many department stores will have a poker game start set, complete with a full chip set and a deck or two of cards for you to use. Make sure you have enough poker chips for all your guests, even if that means asking them to bring their own chips to add to the pile.

Other poker party ideas can include coming to the poker party in your favorite poker game getup or using a poker-based movie as the setting for your game.

Bringing the Casino Home

If you want to step up the gambling theme a notch, create a casino theme party for your friends. Encourage your guests to come in their casino party best, have tables hosting blackjack, roulette, and Texas Hold 'Em games. You can also check with party rental stores or even your local gambling establishment to see if you can rent a slot machine that works on quarters or cheap tokens.

You can also choose to set the casino party in a locale or movie to make it more fun. You can host an Atlantic City casino party, a Monte Carlo night, or ask everyone to come in their James Bond best, and pretend they are part of a big spenders club.

Whatever the casino party idea you host, make sure it follows the gambling and licensing laws in your state. See if you need a license for the casino party you are planning to host, either in your home or in a separate location. Although you probably don't need a license for a private poker game between buddies, make sure you check into regulations surrounding licensing for poker tournaments and charity fundraisers as well.

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