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Retirement Party

Saying goodbye requires a bit of planning

When it comes to saying goodbye to a retiring employee, you have plenty of choice. Retirement party ideas can be found in many different places, but when getting into retirement party planning mode, the first thing to check is that the retiree wants the party! Some people just want a small send-off with those they have worked with during their time at the company, and may not want a big a fuss. Others, however, may have worked with so many people in the company that they see the party as a chance to say goodbye to everyone without having to organize endless lunches and office stop-bys.

Where to Hold Your Retirement Party

Many times, a low-key affair in the staff lunchroom or at a local restaurant will meet the retiree's needs. Check with the retiree to ensure the retirement party invitation is extended to the right people, whether it is only those people in their division, or to the whole company. This issue may also resolve itself as a result of the size of the company -- the smaller the company, the more likely the party would include everyone.

When to Hold a Retirement Party

Try to plan the party for late afternoon or near the end of the workday. This will allow people to spend more time with the retiree, reminiscing about the good times, and it gives everyone a chance to say a proper goodbye. If you plan on providing party food, aim more for finger snack foods unless it is a retirement dinner. Also, make sure a representative from the company is present to give a little speech and gift to the retiree.

Retirement party decorations are usually pretty straightforward, with signs including streamers or clocks to help send the person on their way. However, why not personalize things a little? If the person is fond of horses or plans to move to the countryside, why not include some farm themes in their retirement party decorations? Or what about a train cake to signify their train building hobby they plan on turning osme attention to? By putting a personal touch on the decorations, you let the retiree know they will be missed.

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