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Tea Party

Hosting an elegant tea for the ladies

Bring up the idea of a tea party, and images of freshly brewed teas, scones and trays full of sweets come to mind. In many ways, it's the ultimate sign of elegance and status to participate in a proper afternoon high tea. And there are many different tea party ideas to chose from to create the perfect atmosphere. From a perfectly laid out high tea to a wonky Wonderland type party, make it fun and enjoy the tea!

Choose the Right Tea Party Invitations

Tea party invitations can help set the mood long before your guests arrive. You can use something elegant, with scrolling cursive or faux embossed print. Personalize it for each person who you are inviting. Or perhaps you may want something a little more related to your theme, with teacups, teapots and other such imagery on the cards. You can pick up many different invitations at stationary stores, party stores or even look for print-your-own invitations available on the internet.

Favors for Your Tea Party

If your are using your tea party to celebrate a particular event, tea party favors could be a great way to remind your guests of the lovely day you had together. From tea mugs filled with different tea types to one-person tea sets and teapots, there are many options available to suit your budget and needs. When choosing your tea party favors keep in mind who they are for, and what would come in handy for most of your guests.

Of course, the tea party supplies you choose will also lead to the spirit of the day. Mismatched teacups (no mugs!), a brightly painted teapot, cakes covered in pastel frostings, and silly hats placed on your guests chairs will lend to an "Alice in Wonderland" day, while a floral patterned pot and matching cups, along with an elegant silver tea service set, will be most appropriate for a tasteful day with the ladies. If you don't own such fanciful things, don't fret -- many party supply stores often have such sets to rent for a fee. Make sure to reserve well in advance so they are not being used for a larger event.

Also make sure your tea party supply contains pretty sugar bowls and creamers, with proper saucers. With all these ingredients, your tea party will be a success and an event to remember!

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