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Decorate in style with party balloons

What's a party without balloons? Perhaps it's because they associate them with the happiness of childhood birthday parties, but most people can't help but smile when they see balloons, whether it's bunches of orange and black balloons welcoming them to a Halloween party, or foil helium balloons that say "It's a Girl!" streaming up from a colleague's desk. Because they come in so many colors and can be customized with a message printed on them, balloons truly are the universal party decoration.

Personalized Printed Balloons

Imprinted balloons are a creative and thoughtful alternative -- or addition -- to traditionally personalized party items, such as a cake. The named guest of honor at the party will be touched that you went to so much effort just to make them feel special when they see balloons that read "Congratulations on Your Retirement, Steve!" or "Happy Graduation, Angela!"

Personalized balloons with the bride's and groom's names and the wedding date are also a wonderful way to surprise-decorate a wedding car.

Games with Party Balloons

Although they're great decorations, balloons can serve much more than a decorative function at a party -- they can also be the key prop for some party games.

One especially fun children's birthday party game starts with a bunch of blown-up balloons lying on the floor, and a table full of little trinkets and prizes. One by one, the children are allowed to go up to the pile, select a balloon, and pop it by sitting on it.

Inside the balloon is a piece of paper with either a number or the word "WIN" on it. If they get a "WIN" they get to go and choose a prize immediately; if they get a number, they have to wait until everyone's popped a balloon and their number is drawn at random from a hat or bag before they can go and choose a prize.

Some parents choose to just skip the middle step and put change or one-dollar bills directly inside the balloons as the prizes.

Of course, if your party is an outdoor pool or beach party on a hot summer day, then water balloons make for a great, soaking-wet time.

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